Legal Aid Providers and Contract Specifications

Contact details for Hanne & Co. can be found at and we can be contacted on 020 7228 0017. My blog is not an official Hanne & Co. blog, but we are a great firm! I would also signpost you to an excellent list of Legal Aid providers compiled by my colleague William Flack, accessible through his blog:

Furthermore, the Government maintains a very useful list of Legal Aid providers with details of their contract specifications – i.e. the types of Legal Aid work they are able to carry out under their licence. You will have seen from my recent posts that the Standard Civil Contract is a very important aspect of Legal Aid, and I explain the contractual nature of the beast in later posts as well. The Government list can be downloaded here: – at the time of writing it was last updated on 20th May 2019, so it should be fairly accurate.


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