An Update in Brief

I haven’t been very active with this blog recently; I will be updating over the next week or so with further podcasts with William Flack – now on Spotify, as the “UK Housing Law Podcast”.

I have been keeping busy, running some interesting defences to Section 21 proceedings, and bringing proceedings under Section 8. I am loving my time as a court duty adviser, which actually brings me on to my next bit of news…

I am currently writing a guide, a court duty “quick reference” guide. I’m developing it from my own court duty notes – and if I find it useful, I am hoping that others will too. I personally am finding it useful when acting both for tenants and landlords. It should be ready over the next few months, and certainly by the end of the year.

I am being guided through the process by the incredibly supportive team at Law Brief Publishing. Here is the link to the synopsis of my forthcoming book on their webpage –

Here’s to the next steps!


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