First post

This blog will be about my observations and thoughts on working in housing law as a trainee solicitor. My Training Contract will begin in September 2019 but I have already been working at the same firm, Hanne & Co. in Battersea, for nearly nine months at the time of writing.

I work closely with colleagues dealing with possession proceedings, homelessness applications and appeals, housing disrepair, and a significant portion of my time is spent on cases funded by the Legal Aid Agency and it is this Legal Aid work which will form most of the substance of this blog. My Legal Aid colleague William Flack keeps a blog of his own at and he is a practitioner of many years’ experience. It is on his advice that I have created this blog

I aim for this blog to be of interest to fellow practitioners as well as others who are new to this field of work, and I would like it also to be of use to people who are not lawyers but have an interest – either personal or professional – in the topics I discuss.

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